Exploring Kauai – The Garden Isle

Island Kauai, Na Pali Coast
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Out of all the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is definitely the one you will want to visit if you want to see all of Hawaii’s beauty. You will find more than towering sea-cliffs to cascading waterfalls and blue waters. Only one word can describe this island: Breathtaking. Kauai is one of the oldest Hawaiian Islands and because of the many volcanic eruptions that occurred, its soil is rich in nutrients. This, coupled with the rainfall the island experiences, vegetation here is overflowing. Taro farms were particularly successful here, and the native Hawaiians pounded the Taro into Poi in order to make a staple food of the Hawaiian diet.

The best part about Kauai is that is it beautiful all times of the year. April to November is Kauai’s driest months with average temperatures spanning between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. While winter temperatures are cooler, keep in mind the trade winds constantly blow through the islands during the year.

Kauai Airport

The island’s main airport is Lihue Airport (LIH). If you are lucky, you may be able to find direct flights from the continental US to this wonderful island.

Precipitation & Scenery

The northern part of Kauai is the wettest part of the island, and even the wettest in the whole state. With 460 inches rainfall annually, it is one of the wettest places on the planet. This rainfall nourishes the beautiful valleys and forests that the island is best known for. Because of all the natural beauty found on this island, it has been the location or inspiration for several movies, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lili & Stich, Jurassic Park and King Kong.

Kauai Vacation Activities

While visiting the island, you can view its beautiful from the sky by taking a helicopter tour. By doing this, you will be to take in all of Hawaii’s natural gifts. Another way you can do this is by golfing on the many golf courses which have been designed with the landscape in mind. You can also hike around the Napali Coastline, a favorite destination for adventurous vacationers.

Another activity you must do is venture through the island’s waters. This includes the Wailua River, the largest navigable waterway in Hawaii. You could also rent kayaks and canoes to explore the river or take a river cruise. If you take the river cruise, you have the option of hiking into a fern grotto where you can be serenaded by wonderful musicians. Kauai is also a popular wedding destination, and has many experienced coordinators that can help you plan your romantic celebration.

In contrast to the northern part of Kauai, the southern area is sunnier and has many more beaches to choose from. In fact, the Travel Channel voted the southern coast’s Poipu Beach as one of America’s best beaches. Many visitors surf, swim, and snorkel here, and have fast access to golf courses in the area. You will not find much of a night life in Kauai, but the tranquility and peace found here will help you rejuvenate your mind and body. 30 minutes from Poipu is Waimea Canyon, a distinctively red 10-mile long expanse on this island in the Pacific.

Kauai Vacation Rentals

Of course, to explore this place, you will need a place to stay. While there are many Kauai hotels available, you may find your wants geared towards a privately owned vacation rental home. In these you will find fully equipped kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and even private swimming pools or Jacuzzis, amenities not found in hotels. Before booking a hotel, examine Kauai vacation rentals that accommodate your family. You may even find the vacation rental you have been dreaming of.