Bringing Perfection to Pac-Rim Cuisine

sam choy's chorizo
Image by chotda via Flickr

Hawaii has been exposed to the cooking of restaurateur and television personality Sam Choy for several years, thanks to the cooking shows and restaurants with his name in Honolulu.  Known as one of the founding contributors to the cooking style known as “Pacific Rim Fusion,” Sam Choy began work as a chef in New York before returning to Hawaii and opening his own chain of restaurants.  Besides his self- titled show on local channel KHNL, he has also appeared on a number of national shows, including a slew of appearances on Food Network’s “Ready Set Cook” and “Iron Chef America.”

Recently, Sam Choy was designated as a regional cuisine expert at American Airlines where he designs Hawaiian-inspired dishes for the airlines’ first class passengers to and from Hawaii.  The tastes of his cooking first appeared on United Airlines before American Airlines signed him in early 2000.  Besides a number of books that he has written himself, Sam Choy operates a number of restaurants, most notably flagships in Honolulu and Guam.  More recently, Sam Choy opened the Big Aloha Brewery that creates a unique line of beers sold across the country.  The brewery is actually open to the public as part of his Breakfast, Lunch, and Crab Restaurant in Honolulu.