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Information on Hukilau Beach Park

Polynesian Cultural Centre Canoe Ride

Hukilau Beach Park is a sandy beach located in the middle of Laie and Kalani Points. The water at the beach is calm. It seldom receives large surf wave. There are not too many trees providing shades at the beach. Hukilau Beach Park is situated in Laie town on the northeastern shore of Oahu. The majority of the visitors that come to this beach are students at Brigham Young University. Nearby the Hukilau Beach Park is the Polynesian Cultural Center. The Mormon Church originally founded the Polynesian Cultural Center. Many students from Brigham Young University work at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Hukilau is a combination of two words including huki and lau. The term huki refers to pull while lau refers to net. Every year, the Mormon people would gather on the beach to celebrate the Hukilau festivals. Arthur Godfrey was inspired by the Hukilau Festival to write the song called “Going to the Hukilau”. Hukilau Beach is well known for the warm sand and cool atmosphere. There are no facility and lifeguard at Hukilau Beach Park. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints uses the hukilau event to raise funds to replace the burned down wooden chapel. Hukilau Festival is a very popular event so it is held on the beach every year to attract more visitors. Until 1970, the state decided to tax this commercial event. Later, it was discontinued because of the high tax. Today, the beach is still known as Hukilau Beach.

Hukilau Beach is great for all kinds of ocean recreation activities including sunbathing, swimming and surfing. You should watch out for strong currents at the Hukilau Beach during winter. Goat Island and Pulemoku are the two offshore islets. The Goat Island is approximately one mile from the beach. If there is no big wave on the ocean, you can take a walk to the Goat Island Beach. Mokuauia Island is believed to be the tail of the moku lizard. If you want to swim at the Hukilau Beach, you should go to the right side of the beach. The right side of the Hukilau Beach is under the partial protection of a coral reef. It is not recommended that you go swimming at the beach in the winter. The beach park is open on weekdays and weekend except Sunday. There is a shower nearby the beach. Hukilau Beach Park is situated along the Kamehameha highway.