About Hawaii

Hawaii is described as the loveliest island in the world by Mark Twain. The term Hawaii was originated from Hawaiki. Hawaiki is the previous name of Raiatea, the home to the Polynesians.

Hawaii is rich economy that is based on agricultural farming. There are also a few factories in Hawaii. Hawaii is the center of national and international activities including oceanography, geophysics, and astronomy. It is also known for satellite communications, and biomedicine. It is also called Crossroads of the Pacific’s. Its strategic location allows it to serve as the global defense system in America. Hawaii is constantly being used as the transportation hub in the Pacific basin. Many people from around the world visits Hawaii each year. Hawaii has an area of 16,734 square km. The 2008 statistic shows that Hawaii has an estimated population of 1,288,198.
The island of Hawaii has a group of volcanic mountains. The volcanic mountains form the foundation of eight islands and one hundred and twenty four islets. The island covers an area of 1500 mile. The eight islands stretch from the Kure Island to the east. The eight islands nearby Hawaii include Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and Hawaii. Hawaii experiences a lot of volcanic activity. All the islands frequently have volcano eruption except Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The local residents often call Hawaii as the big islands. The tallest volcanic mountains are Mauna Loa and Kilauea. Mauna Loa and Kilauea is located on the eastern region of Hawaii. The mountain of Mauna Loa reach 13,796 feet while Kilauea reaches 13,678 feet.

In young areas, there are some soil erosion. The features of the ground in Hawaii include volcanic craters and dome like lava. The mountains located in the old areas are reshaped due to years of erosion by the sea, rain and wind. You will be able to find valleys and craters in Hawaii. There are several coastal plains in the old mountain areas. The silhouettes of the old areas in the mountains are sharp and craggy. In addition, there are a few caves in the cliffs.

There are often heavy rains the mountain areas. The rain is the primary cause of the large amount of erosion. Most characteristics on the volcano are formed as a result of the erosion. Some of the volcanic characteristics include ridges, and v-shaped valleys. The rain and waves are responsible for causing the windward sections in the eight islands of Hawaii.
Since Hawaii has many sloping ground, there are a small number of surface that accumulate water. During raining season, the water will accumulate in the underground holes, and ash beds.

The basaltic lava and volcanic ash causes Hawaii to have a fertile ground. Due to the rainfalls variation in different regions, the soils in the islands are different. The large amount of lava in the islands causes the causes the formulation of the andisols and mollisols. The andisols and mollisols were formulated since three thousand years ago on Maui and Hawaii. The andisols and mollisols make the ground fertile. The fertile ground is used to produce the crops. Oahu and Kauai are rich in oxisols. The oxisols derive its red color from the oxidation of the iron.
Hawaii is located just under the Tropic of Cancer line. It receives sunlight throughout the year. Though the weather of the island is humid, the northeastern winds always blow towards them. The northeastern winds help to make the weather in the islands less humid during the day time. the moisture from the northeastern wind will condense and form cap clouds. After that, there will be heavy downpouring of rain on the shores and mountains. Most of the time, the rain occurs in windward coasts that have an abundance of foliage forests. The leeward coasts receive much lesser rain compare with the windward coast.

Unlike other states in the U.S., Hawaii only have two seasons which are summer and winter. The local residents call summer kau and winter as ho’oilo. The summer is a season that extends from May to October. The winter is a season that ranges from November to April. During the summer, the island will experience hot temperatures and frequent visitation of the northeastern wind. During the winter, the island experience cold temperature. There seems to be a lot of rainstorms during the winter.

Hawaii has a temperature range of 22 °C and 26 °C. In winter, the temperature can goes down to 14 °C. In summer, the temperature can shoots up to 33 °C. The temperature of the water near the Waikiki Beach ranges from 24 °C to 26 °C. The mountain areas tend to have low temperature. With every elevation of 1000 feet, the temperature drops down by 2 °C. The regions in the mountains have a cool temperature during the cold months. The recorded temperature at the top of Mauna Kea is 17 °C. The snows in the winter often cover the summit of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.
Hawaii has lots of plants and animals. Many animals move their habitat to Hawaii because it has a nice climate. Birds and winds are responsible for carrying the seeds to the ground. Most of the plants in Hawaii are brought in by humans. As more and more plants are introduced, the plants and animals suffer from more pressure. Report has shown that more than 1000 animal species are endangered. As a result, the government has set aside approximately 1000000 acres to protect the plants and animals on the islands.

Some of the animals brought in by the Polynesians and Europeans include rats, frogs and mongooses. In the isolated regions, you can find sheep, pigs and goats. The endemic birds are restricted to the remote areas in Hawaii. Some of the rare birds that exist on the island of Hawaii include Hawaiian goose, Hawaiian stilt and jungle birds. The Hawaiian goose is known as nene in the local language. Some of the birds in Hawaii are rare so the government has taken action to protect them. Common birds on Hawaii include mynas, sparrows and cardinals.

There are about 10,000 species of insects in Hawaii. Most of the insects are unique in that they only exist on Hawaii.

Many scientists assume the first people who settled on Hawaii is the Polynesians. The Polynesians was conquered by another group of immigrants from the Tahiti. The indigenous tribe of Hawaii has good skill in making boat. They are also good at fishing and farming. By the 1700s, their society is controlled by chiefs and priests. They started to worship idols. After Captain James Cook captures the island, many Europeans have paid it a visit. The influx of visitors causes diseases to become widespread in Hawaii. Many of the local residents died. The disease causes the population to decrease. As a result, the social and political system in Hawaii is also affected. The religion in Hawaii had changed dramatically after the Europeans and Americans moved into the island. English is the official language of Hawaii. The language of Hawaii is also the primary language of the country. Later, people from overseas countries such as Japan, China and Korea came to settle on the island. The settlement of Asian people introduces different languages to the people on the island. The dominant religion on Hawaii is Roman Catholic.

After the Second World War, the population in Hawaii was scattered in several villages. Hawaii began to be transformed into a more modern country during the 1950. Many shops and hospitals are built in Hawaii. The city of Honolulu are filled with many high rise buildings. Waikiki has numerous 40 stories skyscrapers.

Hawaii’s economy is not as established as other states in the United States. The accommodation in Hawaii is expensive due to the tourism industry. With the increase population in Hawaii, it become difficult for the people to acquire housing. The main industry in Hawaii is agriculture, forestry and fishing. There are a number of factories in Hawaii that manufactures raw materials. The raw materials manufactured at Hawaii include chemical compounds and aluminum. Tourism is the most important industry in Hawaii. The beach in Hawaii attracts a lot of visitors every year. Most of the people hire out themselves in the tourism industry. Hawaii has several transportation system including road, ocean and airplane. The tourists came to Hawaii through plane.

Hawaii has a different government structure than other states in the United States. Hawaii’s government is made up of two level including state and counties. There are four counties in Hawaii. Every state has a mayor and council. The U.S. Department of health is responsible for building the health institutions on the island. The education system in Hawaii is just like other states in the United States. The main university in Hawaii is the University of Hawaii. The University of Hawaii is located at Hilo, Manoa and Oahu.
The society of Hawaii is made of various groups. The culture of the indigenous tribe in Hawaii underwent a change during the 1970s. You can observer the culture of the native Hawaiians through the flower garlands, and words they use. The people in Hawaii are interested in arts and music. There are several cultural institutions in Hawaii including the Honolulu Academy of Art and the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra. Surfing is the most popular sport in Hawaii because the island is surrounded by ocean.

After Hawaii has become a U.S. Territory, it shows rapid growth. Many plantations were setup throughout the island. The Pearl Harbor at Hawaii was bombed by the Japanese on the 7th December 1941. The bombing caused the United States to participate in the World War II. Hawaii finally has a stabile economy in 1959.

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